Gamezop New Earning app ! Get Rs 100 Earning For Paytm ! How To Play Game Free Paytm Cash

Gamezop New Earning App Download ! Get Rs100 Earning For Paytm ! How To Play Game Free Paytm Cash

Gamezop New Earning App Install and Earn Free Paytm Cash Par Refer Rs 2

Gamezop signup process

  • visit any browser Search Gamezop  .
Visit website and sign up Click Here
  • First sign up Paytm mobile number and OTP verify.

Here is a photo I gave you can see in front of you just like the fast page will show.

  • You will find many games in front of the website, you can earn money by playing those games.

  • If you earn a lot of money then you have to do KYC .

Gamezop withdrawal process

  • The amount of money you earn after playing the game, you can withdraw in a Paytm account in a second And I can recharge mobile.

  • This website instant will pay you. Fast Time If you transfer money from this website then you can take a minimum of Rs1 And whenever you get old you can bounce a minimum of Rs10

Here is my payment proof I showed you will pay in the same way.

Gamezop Refer process

  • First of all there is a picture given here so you can see it well and then I wrote everything below.

  • If you want to refer to this website, you can share it on your social media and also share it with your friends.

  • Whenever you share with someone and if they click on your link, open the website, and sign up for this website, you get instant Rs2 in your wallet And if your friends add more than Rs10 then you will get more Rs3.

  • If you refer, you will remember one thing in that case. You can share with a maximum of 25 friends per day.

Thunk You For Use My Website